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Retro-Tech was setup by Pete Jones, Dominic Hawken, Adam Laurie and Ben Laurie.

Pete Jones:

Pete Jones left college and entered the working world in the early 80's at a small back street arcade workshop. Gallaxian was the buzz word then and most arcade machines originated from this generic motherboard. His experience soon expanded working on the production of early home computers: Sinclair, Commodore, Atari, etc. The late eighties found him working in Australia with pinball machines. The construction quality of these pinball machines was to prove a major influence on the design philosophy of the lizard lounge table.

Returning to the UK in the 90's coincided with mass popularity of Atari and Amiga home computers - Pete again found himself involved in this step in the evolution of arcade gaming - this time working at one of the country's top maintenance centers until technology turned over a new leaf with coming of the PC age.

Pete's influences and experience shine through in the design of the lizard lounge table. The build quality tracing it's roots to the original pinball machines; the styling distilled from the best of 2 decades of gaming yet feeling fresh and cutting edge.

Dominic Hawken:

I was sixteen years old when I first played Donkey Kong on a table-top arcade machine. It was in a local country pub, and I had already watched in awe for over an hour as the locals pumped countless ten pence coins into the machine, searching for that elusive high-score and the reward of seeing their initials scroll down the screen. Ultimately, nothing has changed - if you get the high score, You Rule (tm).

Sixteen years on, I'm spoilt for choice. I've played Sega and Nintendo, watched as Sony's Playstation steamed in and stole the market, and was first in the queue when they released the Playstation 2. I've spent a fortune on the latest 3D graphics cards, bought the latest games CDs and compiled a personal list of the best gaming cheats and hacks, carefully harvested from the coolest games sites on the Web. I've watched as Doom evolved Quake evolved Half-Life, and happily installed Black and White in the eternal search for gaming Nirvana.

Donkey Kong is still a cool game, though.

Our sister company recently moved to newer, larger premises in Chiswick, West London. We thought it would be really cool to get a couple of original table-top games machines for people to play in our new reception area. We managed to find a few, but they were in very poor condition and not really up to the job. It seems that virtually all of the original tables have been destroyed - consigned to skips or broken after years of abuse at the hands of hardcore gamers.

Never ones to shirk a challenge, we therefore decided to build one from scratch instead. Joining forces with Peter Jones from Computer Workshop, who had worked on the original machines back in the eighties, we developed a new table, this time designed to hold the latest high-specification PC. Running excellent emulation software, the system is capable of playing a large number of the original games, and has proved a massive hit with everyone who's seen it. Of course, as a bonus, it can also do everything that any other PC can do - play MP3 files, surf the Internet, email - the list is endless.

It also looks very, very cool.

Loads of people began asking us for their own tables, and thus Retro - Tech was born. We now manufacture the Lizard Lounge table to order, and can customize or produce bespoke one-off systems to your own specification. Check out some pictures of the Lizard Lounge table, and contact us for more information.

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